Sample Practical Exercise

    Sample Practical Examination - Demo 1 is a simple practical exercise that simulates a common issue that a forensic examiner may encounter. This demonstration practical exercise is based upon actual cases.

    To download and open Demo1:

    • Click on the Download Link
    • Download the "" file. 
    • Unzip the file to get demo1.exe.
    • Have a freshly formatted 3 1/2 inch HD diskette ready and execute demo1.exe.
    • You will be prompted to place the freshly formatted diskette in your A: drive.
    • The "original" demo1 diskette will be created and will be ready for examination.

    NOTE: This self-executable .EXE has been found to have issues and may not function correctly on systems running 64 bit (x64) operating systems!

    The case scenario:

    You are a forensic examiner and have been hired by a private company to investigate the apparent theft of a very large sum of money by an employee, Klaus Meins.  The company owner, Ive Ben Duped, said that he fired Mr. Meins last week.  Mr. Meins took his laptop computer with him, but Mr. Duped said that he found a diskette in Mr. Meins' desk after he left. Mr. Duped said that he carefully write protected the diskette that he found and he then looked at it.  He saw that one of the documents, "C.doc" looked phony.  He thinks that Mr. Meins backdated that document.  Mr. Duped wants you to examine the diskette and determine if the "C.doc" had been backdated.  If you can prove that "C.doc" was backdated, Mr. Duped says that he can sue Mr. Meins and attempt to freeze his assets in order to recover his money.  You accepted a $1000 retainer to start the job.

    End case scenario.

    Use whatever tools that you think necessary and examine the diskette.  The answers from our examination are located at the following location:

    Sample Practical Examination Answers


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