Other Training Courses Offered


      Examining Email Course

      The Examining Email Advanced Course covers the following topics:

      Email History
      US Legal Issues concerning Email
      Various Email File Structures
      Various Email Protocols
      Dissecting Email File Headers
      Internet Protocol (IP) Address Aspects
      Elements of Email Message
      Identifying "spoofed" Email
      Tracing Email
      Examination and Analysis Approaches
      Identifying and Examining Various Email Types ie Outlook, Eudora, Netscape, AOL, etc
      Repairing Corrupt Outlook Email Files
      Recovering Deleted Outlook Email Files
      Examination of Various AOL Email Files
      Specialized Forensic Software
      Examination of "Web-Based" Email
      Forensic Ethical Conduct Issues

      There is a practical exercise and a written examination included with this training.

      The fee for this course is $495 and can be enrolled within by visiting the Examining Email Registration Site.