Screening Test

Although we teach computer forensics from the "ground - up", there are some basic computer skills required.   We have an online screening test that will allow you to determine if you have the basic skills to take our forensic examiner training course.  The test is very elementary and requires truthful answers.  Even if you achieve a passing grade of 70%, some questions have a "must" clause.  You should have the required English language skills, no criminal record, etc.

If you do not pass the test and desire to take our training, we can individually evaluate your test and advise you about other training or self study that you should take before taking the forensic examiner course.  Please contact us after taking the screening test, if you wish us to individually evaluate your test and provide recommendations.

You will be given an instant grade and feedback as to the incorrect answers.

After you complete the test, there is no requirement that you take our course.  We only require your name and email address to take this test.  We will not use nor otherwise distribute your name and email address.  If you wish to be contacted by us with specific course information or special offers, please check the box below.

Thank you for your interest in our training.

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