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      Minimum Requirements For Online CCE Bootcamp

      Students must have strong computer skills, including the ability or desire to work outside the Windows GUI interface. The ability or desire to work with computer hardware, including the removal of hard-disk drives and changing jumpers is required.  Certified Computer Examiner (CCE)® candidates must agree and abide to the ISFCE Code of Ethics and may be subject to a criminal background check.  The written portion of the CCE certification test is administered at the end of each CCE BootCamp®.

      Minimum Hardware Requirements: 

      • A newer machine with 512 MB (or more) memory
      • An examination hard disk drive with examination utilities
      • floppy disk drive  
      • Internet access
      • A dual boot Windows 98 and Windows 2000 (PRO) or Windows XP hard drive

      Windows 98 is the last Windows operating system that will allow the use of Real Mode DOS.  Real Mode DOS, by itself, will not change the original media.  As an alternative, a separate Windows 98 FAT file system drive and a separate Windows 2000/XP drive may be used.

      If you are currently using a Windows XP machine, you must have a FAT partition and be able to boot to real Mode DOS in order to complete all of this course's training Modules.  Please note that USB Thumb Drives are FAT file system drives.  A boot disk is available that will load USB drives on many, but not all, machines.  This may make completing the course without a FAT partition on your hard drive possible.

      If the boot disk provided will load the machine's USB ports, it may be possible to complete the training using a Windows 2000/XP machine.

      Minimum Software Requirements: 

      • Norton Ghost
      • A viewing application such as QuickView Plus or IrfanView
      • A good virus scanning utility
      • Norton Utilities

      Software provided with the training course:

      We provide fully licensed copies of the following software to our students in the online Computer Forensic Examiner training course.

      A demo version or AccessData’s Forensic Tool Kit is also provided for use with training.